Customize your Lazy Susan Here

This page is to customize a Single Main Monogram Letter, like the image to the left.

If you want to customize a Double Monogram, like the image on the right, please click here:  
Double (2-letter) Monogram Letters

To Cusomize your Lazy Susan with a Single Letter Monogram, use the form  below.

 First, select the main letter by clicking on the letter image.  (For example that may be the first letter of your last name, like the “M” in the image on the upper left).
Second, type in the text you want to go in the middle of the monogram (like “The May Family” in the image on the upper left).
Then Third, be sure to put your best e-mail address in so we can send you a design proof for your approval before we engrave your lazy Susan. We cannot process your order withou this information.
Please select your main Monogram Letter
Examples: The Johnson Family; The Johnsons; Johnsons; or something like Betty's Kitchen or Joe's Bar-B-Que.
We must have your e-mail address to process the order and send you a design proof for your approval.
After you hit Submit above, please return to your order page and finish ordering your product.  Use the button to the right to return to your Product Page. We can’t process your order until you finish ordering.

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