Here are a few helpful ideas to design your monogram lazy susan exactly as you wish.

One of the most popular designs is simply to choose the monogram letter representing a family’s last name, or an individual’s first name, then filling in the phrase.
Here are the monogram letters to start the process:
Then you have several options to fill in the phrase in the middle of the letter:
If it’s for a gift to a family, you might put the family name in the middle, as in “The Smith Family.”
You may prefer to make it shorter (especially if the name is long) and just say “The Johnsons.” 
Keep in mind the more characters (including spaces) you use, the smaller the type will have to be to make it fit. 
You can use first names only if you wish.
You can even put two names in one letter, as Deborah & Sam Jones did in this example.
Or put two monogram letters with two names in the middle, as Kali & James did here.
Keep in mind, however, that there is limited space, so if you use two monogram letters, each monogram letter will be smaller than if you used a single monogram letter on the lazy susan.
Or you can put a short phrase, such as Grace’s Kitchen (or “Worlds Greatest Mom”  or “Joe’s Famous BBQ” or whatever you want.
Keep in mind the 20-character guideline for optimal size, but you can put anything you want in the middle.
Whether for a gift, or for yourself, this personalized lazy susan will be a family treasure.
Personalize it your way!

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